About Us

Welcome to Saraphi House (pronounced SARA-PEE)

Saraphi is the name of the district in Chiang Mai we are situated in, as well as the name of a local flower. Blossom and grow with us.

It is our greatest joy to share with you what was once our family Home, and the abundance of love and care that has been placed into creating a safe haven for all who visit. "Wellness - Food - Culture" is our foundation and our events and retreats calendar are curated with these elements at the forefront.  No matter who you are and what journey you are on, we are your home away from home; your sanctuary where you can arrive as your true self, explore, grow and leave flourished.

The gates to our 12-acre eco-friendly sanctuary open in November 2019. Within the property grounds, you'll be surrounded by exquisite tropical nature, and an organic-vegetable and fruit orchard. Beyond our walls, authentic village life surrounds us. Experience Chiang Mai in an authentic way; see life through locals' eyes.

Our retreat accommodates up to 14 guests in a refined two-storey teak wood house with vast open spaces.  A perfect blend of outdoor and indoor living, a salt-water swimming pool, wellness and modern facilities make Saraphi House an ideal base to begin each day of exploration.

You are encouraged to take this opportunity to slow down and look after yourself. Our aim is to help you become truly relaxed, feeling completely at home whilst pushing your boundaries for that growth you deserve.

We invite you as a retreat host, retreat attendee or a group to create memories in our beautiful space and to build long-lasting bonds with your communities worldwide. Come and cherish your new abode for your inner & outer exploration. We can't wait to welcome you. 


Suzanna, Daniel & Charlie 



Meet the Team


Suzanna Jones-Medley

Co-Founder & Wellness Coach

"I feel blessed to be able to share with you all the beauty that my hometown has to offer. Each time I visit our sanctuary, I return to the hustle and bustle of London feeling reinvigorated, recharged, and ready to take on the grind with renewed purpose. This is exactly how I want all our guests to feel when visiting Saraphi House.

The core philosophy here is to simply to embrace each moment. No matter how much you love what you do, striking a balance between work and your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is essential. I am proud to say that my family and I are combining all our passions to deliver to you a safe space to re-discover yourself and enjoy a slower pace of life. Welcome Home, to Saraphi House."


Daniel Medley

Co-Founder & Head Trainer

"With fitness and training being a part of my identity from a young age, over the years it has taken root as an integral part of my lifestyle and something that I want to share with everyone.

During our in-house retreats at Saraphi House, we will be incorporating fun group exercises that will create an unforgettable bond within our tribe. We are all here together to have a good time and to make positive, lasting changes in our bodies and minds. Our team have designed a semi open-air gym at Saraphi House, the perfect way to enjoy training in Chiang Mai's tropical climate."


Charlie Jones

Consultant Chef

"There's no better bonding experience than bringing people together and sharing a great meal. This is why I love food, and why I find my job as a Chef to be so rewarding. I've grown up around food all my life; seeing how my mum cooks local Northern Thai fare from scratch using the humble pestle and mortar, through to classical French training during my time in London. I'm inspired by flavours from around the globe and it's fair to say I'm obsessed about food and quality produce, no matter the flavours of the dish. My aim is for the ingredients to speak for themselves and to be waste-free. I'm excited to be working on our very own organic garden and to influence the cuisine at Saraphi House!"




"Ann is our beloved housekeeper who lives onsite, and knows the property from top to bottom. She’s been working with the family for years and is excited to welcome you all to Saraphi House and to make your stay as comfortable as possible."

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Head Gardener

"Jon gives life to our landscape and nourishes our land. Without him the birds and the bees wouldn't be as happy as they are around Saraphi House. You'll see him around the property greeting you with a warm smile. If you're lucky, you may even get to help him pick delicious mangoes or whatever fruit is in season at the time of your visit!"

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Michael DesPortes


"Michael is a Chiang Mai-born photographer of mixed Thai/USA heritage. Specializing in candid and street-style photography, he is well suited to capture the key moments and feelings during your time at Saraphi House and Chiang Mai. With skills in both photographic and video editing, Michael will have new media content for you to share in no time, and a collection of memories to take home with you. Let us know if you wish to book any sessions and we will be able to introduce you."