The House


If our garden and orchard are the lungs of our property, the house is most definitely its heart. Built to provide that special atmosphere that only a home can achieve, we are delighted to share these walls and rooms with travellers and visitors alike. It is a home designed for comfort; a Home Office for work, a choice of dining areas and kitchens, the saltwater swimming pool, a detached bar and entertainment room, and of course the warm guestrooms. You'll have no trouble settling in within minutes of your arrival and letting Saraphi House surround you with its embrace throughout your stay.

Bar & Entertainment Room

Guests have yet another option for relaxation and recreation in the main Bar and Entertainment room. Set in the corner of the swimming pool area, detached from the rest of the house, guests can stock this bar with their favourite beverages and always have an airconditioned room to kick back in, complete with Wi-Fi accessibility and optional projector for movie sessions. Want to switch it up with some outdoor chilling, just open the doors, step out and sit on our sofa in the pavilion. However you want to chill, you can do it here.

Home Office

If you need to dedicate some time to work, or simply want to disconnect to read in peace and quiet, Saraphi House has a spacious and comfortable Home Office. Choose between the work desk or sofa to get the job done and enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi access. Cross the T's, dot the I's, and you're ready to get back to enjoying your retreat.