Booking Terms & Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made with Saraphi House.



1.1         “Company”, “we”, “us” or “owner” means Saraphi House, Chiang Mai, Thailand

1.2         “You” and “Your” means person(s) named on the booking (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later date) or any of them as appropriate for the context.

1.3         “Booking” means the confirmation of accommodation hire, venue hire, functions

and/or any other services or items made with the Company.

1.4         “Contract” means the Booking and these Terms, and any other terms and

conditions stated to apply to the Booking.

1.5         “Venue” means the premises for which your Booking is made

1.6         “Terms” means these terms and conditions.



2.1         You must contact the Company before making a booking to obtain confirmation

of availability. Subject to availability, and on your request, a provisional reservation will be made with us.

2.2        When you make a Booking, you will enter into a Contract with the Owner for the

use of the Venue and any services which we agree to provide or arrange for you.

2.3         A written/emailed booking confirmation sent to you by Saraphi House means we

have accepted your booking, subject to receiving your deposit within 48 hours (refer to clause 3.3) and a completed booking form. 

2.4         We reserve the right to vary or add to these conditions either generally or in

relation to any particular booking. Where this is the case for your booking, we will advise you at the time of booking.

2.5         We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason.

2.6         The lead name confirms that he/she and all persons named on the booking have

read, understand and agree to these booking conditions.

2.7         The lead name must be at least 18, be a member of the party occupying the

property and is authorised to make the booking on the basis of these booking conditions.

2.8         The lead name is responsible for making all payments due in respect of the




3.1         Venue rental prices quoted at the time of your booking remain guaranteed once

the reservation deposit has been paid. Once deposit is paid Saraphi House will

not change this price under any circumstances, thus guarding against any future

price increases.

3.2         Upon confirmation that your requested dates for villa rental or venue hire are

available we charge a non-refundable 30% deposit of the total rental price, plus any additional services you have booked for you and your party.

3.3        This deposit is payable within 48 hours of your provisional reservation.

3.4         Where the deposit funds have not been received within 48 hours, we require

official proof of payment such as transfer receipt, bank or credit card statement

to hold your reservation.

3.5         Your reservation is only guaranteed once your deposit has been received.

3.6        The remaining balance of the rental price, plus any additional services you have

booked, plus a THB 30,000 fully refundable security/damages deposit (refer to clause 4.1) is due two calendar months before the booking start date.

3.7         Bookings made less than two calendar months before the rental starts must be

paid in full upon booking.

3.8         You will be emailed a reminder for the balance and the date it is due to ensure

payment is made in time.

3.9         Payment is completed by bank wire transfers and/or by Credit/Debit card either

through a secure payment portal provided by us.

3.10         Failure to make your balance payment on time could result in you losing your


3.11         Payments made by debit cards carry no issuing surcharge. MasterCard and VISA

credit cards carry at 2.5% surcharge. American Express credit cards are subject

Up to 3.5% surcharge. 3.11 Unless agreed otherwise, all currencies will be

converted to Thai Baht THB, using market rate on the day of




4.1         A security deposit of THB 30,000 is due with your balance payment, two

calendar months before the booking start date.  

4.2         This security deposit will be refunded within two weeks and once the venue is

checked as detailed below. In instances where this will take longer due to

awaiting quotations from suppliers, we will notify you within one week of your


4.3         We require you to inform us of any minor or serious damage or breakages caused

during your stay, and a list of all breakages, stains, or damages in writing upon


4.4        It is your responsibility to point out any pre-existing damage or missing items to

usat the beginning of your stay.

4.5         Where time permits we like to do a quick initial check of the property when you

depart. We understand that sometimes this is not possible due to various time

constraints; such as leaving for your return flight, using of the bedrooms or our

representative not being available / have sufficient time to check the villa. A full

and detailed check will take place after your departure.

4.6         You will be advised of any faults or damages found after this detailed check

(pictures will be taken if possible) and we will advise you as soon as possible the

cost of repair or replacement.

4.7         Anything damaged, spoiled or broken will be charged at the replacement cost.

4.8         Any items having to be purchased will be replaced with 'like for like', of the same

quality and standard. No 'markup' will ever be added.

4.9         Should the security deposit not cover all the damage, repair or replacement

caused then You will be responsible for meeting the cost of any damage which is

not covered by this.

4.10          You authorise us to charge your credit card to cover such additional damage or

replacement costs, or if no credit card was supplied you agree to transfer the additional funds within 7 days of the notification of the extra costs.



5.1         We don’t want you to lose your investment in your holiday/retreat/event, which

is why we highly recommend insurance.

5.2         Saraphi House requires you take out adequate travel insurance, including cover

for medical treatment, accidents and repatriation, and holiday cancellation and


5.3         It is your responsibility that you arrange, or ensure your party have appropriate

comprehensive travel insurance.

5.4         We assume that such a policy is in force before you depart.

5.5        We require retreat leaders to hold general liability insurance or suitable liability

insurance for your type of retreat.



6.1         If you decide to cancel your booking more than two calendar months before your

arrival date then your will lose your 30% deposit only and any non-refundable concierge costs.

6.2         If you cancel your booking between 2 calendar months and 4 weeks prior to  

arrival then you will be liable for 50% of the villa rental and any non-refundable concierge costs.

6.3         If you cancel less than 4 weeks prior to arrival then you will be liable for 100% of

the rental and concierge  costs.

6.4        No exceptions to this policy can be made for any reason, therefore holiday

insurance with a cancellation policy to cover any such rare occurrence is

strongly recommended.

6.5         No refund for cancellation for the booking during peak periods (November to

March) These are peak season business and therefore cancellations are not possible. Cancellation fee is applicable on full invoice amount.

6.6         Bank charges will be charged extra to you

6.7         For no-show: 100% of total rental amount will be forfeited



7.1         Saraphi House reserves the right to amend the booking dates

7.2         This may be due to several reasons, not limited to but including any force

majeure such as war, adverse weather conditions, riots and or matters concerning participants safety, operational circumstances such as damage caused by fire, or the villa becoming unusable due to utility company work or lack of services, leaks, repair work or any other such reason.

7.3         In these circumstances the booking may need to be adjusted accordingly.

7.4        Saraphi House is not liable for any additional costs or losses that may be incurred

by the client due to the change of booking. This includes, but is not limited to,

any extra hotel reservations or car rentals, or the cost of non-refundable airline


7.5         Situations may arise which, in our opinion, make it necessary for us to alter the

normal booking schedule. If you cannot accept the dates of any new booking that we propose then we will refund monies you have paid for to us in full.

7.6        Should we successfully be able to you offer a similar property and location, a pro

rata refund for the difference will be refunded if the property offered is a lower rental cost for the same period

7.7         This constitutes the maximum liability of Saraphi House.

7.7        We advise that your travel insurance covers holiday curtailment.



8.1         Means any unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our normal control,

which the consequences of could not have been avoided even when exercising all due care.

8.2         Such circumstances or events include, but are not limited to, war, or threat of

war, riot, civil unrest, industrial disputes or strikes, unavoidable or unforeseen

technical problems with the villa, transport, or closure or congestion of airports, terrorist

activity, natural disasters, industrial disasters, fire, theft, flooding and adverse

weather conditions.  

8.3        In the event of any of the above refunds or compensation payments cannot be




9.1         It is vital that we have a valid email address. If you change this you should inform

us immediately.

9.2         We require your mobile phone number so we can contact you during your stay.

9.3         We also require the telephone number of any person(s) who are paying for the

villa rental by credit/debit card

9.4         In order to comply with regulations, we require copies of all guests’ passports.

9.5         For all payments made by credit/debit card the cardholder must be present on

arrival at the villa, and must show their credit card and passport as proof of card ownership and verification.



10.1        Check-in time is 15:00 local time

10.2        Check-out time is 12:00 local time

10.3        Early check-in and late check-out complimentary, subject to villa availability



11.1         You agree to keep the villa at all times clean and tidy

11.2        If any spillage occurs or breakages it must immediately be wiped and cleaned

11.3        Under no circumstances can glass or crockery be left outside as it attracts insect

and rodents, as well as can be broken by the wind

11.4        Under no circumstances can glasses, bottles or crockery be taken into the pool

11.5        If a member of staff sees any glass items or bottles either in or around the pool

then the pool will be drained and checked for broken glass.

11.6        You will be charged for this and to replenish the water and the pool will be closed

whilst this happens. This charge amount is based on supplier quotation.  

11.7        You make sure that the villa is in the same condition when you leave, as it was

when you arrived.

11.8        You must leave the villa clean and tidy in all rooms, glasses and kitchen items

must be collected and washed, and any rubbish must be bagged and disposed of

before you leave.

11.9        When you leave a room you must turn off the the lights, fans, and especially air

conditioning and other high-energy consumption devices. Air conditioning

should never be left on in rooms unoccupied as it only takes 5 minutes to cool a


11.10         Air conditioning should never be switched on in rooms with either doors or

windows open,

11.11         If our staff see air-conditioning left on in unoccupied rooms, and rooms with

exterior doors and windows left open they will disable the air conditioning unit immediately.

11.12        Guest and members of his party shall not use or permit to be brought into any

villa any illegal substances, inflammable fluids (e.g., gasoline, kerosene, naphtha or benzene), or other explosives or articles deemed hazardous to life, limb or property.

11.13        You are not permitted to use the property for illegal or immoral purposes. If we

consider the villa is being misused for 'parties' the tenant and all the guests may

be required to vacate the property.



12.1         Smoking is only allowed outdoors or designated smoking areas

12.2        You must not throw cigarette filters or cigarette/cigar stubs in gardens or plant

pots or you will be fined THB 800

12.4        If the house smells of smoke then a cleaning of the fabrics will be performed

which will cost between THB 3,000 and THB 4,000 per room depending upon

how much of the villa (sofas, curtains, linen etc.) needs to be cleaned.



13.1        Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons

specified in the property description, and listed on the booking confirmation,

whichever is lower, occupy the property except by prior written agreement by

Sarphi House.

13.2        The property cannot be re-let or sublet to any other group/party or individual

without the written approval from us.

13.3        The number of guests that a property can accommodate can only be increased

by prior arrangement. The total number of persons allowed in the villa at any one

time is restricted to the number of persons confirmed on the booking


13.4        Should a group arrive with more guests than agreed, they will be required to pay

THB 3,000 for each additional guest per night, for the duration of the whole

rental period.

13.5        At our discretion the extra guests may be asked to vacate the villa immediately

13.6        Please always provide us information about your guests sleeping arrangements,

including how many couples, and single rooms/single bed requirements at least 14 days before your arrival to ensure we can try and set the bedding arrangements as you require.



14.1        This covers general cleaning of the villa, to keep the pool clean, tidy the house, to

change beds and clean the bathrooms.

14.2        It is not the housekeepers responsibility to cook, serve, wash dishes, or pots and

pans, or to clean up after guests.

14.3        If you would like additional maid services please make this request at the time

of booking as we can provide additional help.

14.4        We provide a full bedding, bathroom towel and beach towel change at the start of

each rental. We then provide another change mid-week, and two further changes each week thereafter.

14.5        For bookings of 5 days or less we provide one bedding and towel change on


14.6        Additional daily bedding changes can be arranged at a cost of THB 200 per single

bed, and THB 400 per double bed.

14.7        On Sundays there are no Housekeeping Services unless agreed with us.

14.8        Our staff working hours are from 9am to 6pm. For additional/after-hours service

please contact us.

14.9        You are permitted to use the washing machine and laundry facilities as

self-service with no charge.

14.10         There is an additional charge to use our laundry services.

14.11        If you request our staff to assist you with laundry, washing and ironing then we

cannot be held responsible for any shrinkage or any damage that may happen to

your clothing.



15.1         Our venue is located within a village neighbourhood and therefore you will

expect to hear the noise of ‘local’ life (such as village announcements, temples,

insects & wildlife, karaoke, fireworks, dogs, rooster etc). We ask you to embrace the local sounds.

15.2         We also ask you to respect our neighbours and keep your noise to ‘acceptable’


15.3        Loud music should not be played after 11.00pm.  

15.4        If we receive a complaint from our neighbours we will notify you directly to

reduce your noise. If this persists and there is a serious complaint about

excessive noise, it is likely to result in contacting the local authorities.



16.1         Weddings and special events are permitted

16.2        An additional deposit may be required based upon the event

16.3        We can hold intimate weddings and medium sized weddings or events. If you

Would like us to help you organise your event/wedding we can also outsource

wedding or events using specialist wedding planners and catering company.

16.4        We only allow approved catering companies at our properties. This is to ensure

high quality standards, to prevent damage to the equipment, to have knowledge of the kitchen and equipment, and be familiar with the distribution and layout of the properties. It also provides you with security and our suppliers are trusted partners.

16.5        When having a wedding or corporate event with us, a wedding / event fee of

THB 30,000 up to 50 guests, THB 50,000 for 51 - 200 guests. For larger parties, costs to be discussed. This covers the

extra wear and tear, usage, set up and take down that our properties are exposed to during any event.

16.6        Guests at events shall always be respectful of the property, and adhere to our

and the communities noise rules, particularly after 11.00 pm at night.

16.7        If we discover that the wedding or any sort of group gathering has more persons

than officially scheduled and paid for at the villa, and/or without our advance written permission, the party is subject to forfeiture of the entire villa security deposit, and will be requested to immediately pay the difference to the appropriate villa event fee.

16.8        Please ask us about parking availability for your guests as we have limited




17.1        For the protection of the property and our guests we only allow approved third

party catering suppliers.

17.2        If you would like a private chef we can help arrange one for you. In the case that

chefs need access to the villa very early and late and this can compromise the

security of the property unless we approve the chef.

17.3        Any damage caused by a chef or caterers you contract is the responsibility of the


17.4        Under no circumstances can third party contractors be given keys or access




18.1        For the protection of the property and our guests we only allow approved third

party suppliers.

18.2         All guests must request the approval by Saraphi House in advance.

18.3        This includes all third party suppliers including babysitting services, fitness

instructors, DJ, musicians and all entertainment services.

18.4        Under no circumstances can third party contractors be given unaccompanied

access (without our prior approval), or keys or property access codes.



19.1        Our maintenance team, gardener, housekeeping staff, the representatives of

Saraphi House or their subcontractors have the right of access to the properties

at any time with due regard to the convenience of the renter for the purpose of

linen changes, pool cleaning, garden maintenance, inspection and/or viewing of

the property and to carry out any essential or routine repair or maintenance work.

19.2        Except for the essential repairs, maintenance, cleaning and regular gardening we

will make every effort to schedule such brief showings at a time convenient to you, to respect your privacy, and not interrupt your stay.



20.1         Generally we accept domestic animals (cats, dogs) however you do obtain written

permission from us before bringing them onsite.



21.1         You accept and acknowledge that you are responsible and liable for the safety

and well-being of all your guests, third parties you contract, and any other persons you invite to stay at our properties during the time of the rental.

21.2        You and your guest(s) are required to take due care when residing at our venue

and be especially watchful of children playing in the gardens, near or in the pool, remembering there is no lifeguard.

21.3        Children must be supervised by an adult at all times when staying at the venue.

21.4        You are not permitted to enter the house when wet from swimming, as the floors

can be slippery.

21.5        Damage or injury arising as a result shall not be the responsibility of Saraphi


21.6        You are encouraged to act responsibly and courteous during your stay.

21.7        Under no circumstances can glassware be taken into the pool area.  



22.1        Saraphi House reserve the right to correct any printing or typing errors,

omissions or calculation mistakes at any time.

22.2        We also reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions that apply to your

booking at any time and without prior notice

22.3        In all matters the original English language version of these terms and condition

take precedent.